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We don’t only work to remove the negative, inaccurate information from your credit report, we also give you the information you need to increase your credit score, while making the entire process as seamless as possible

the process

Getting started


Free Consultation: Do you have questions before we start helping you raise your credit score? No problem! We can offer you a free consultation. Just give us a call or fill out the form. During the call, we will answer your questions and assess whether you are an ideal client that our process can help.


Complete Onboarding: After our call we will send you an email to complete your New Client Onboarding. Your onboarding requirements are listed below: 

  1. Complete your personal information

  2. Review and sign our Client Agreement

  3. Enter your payment information (credit card or ACH debit accepted)

  4. Sign-up to receive your credit report from the three bureaus, which also includes monthly credit monitoring. It is a $21.99 per month investment that is well worth it. You MUST keep it active the entire time we are repairing your credit.

  5. You will enter your login information into your portal, which will allow us to access your credit reports from each bureau.

  6. Take a picture and upload a copy of your DL or ID

  7. Take a picture and upload proof of address, such as utility bill


Credit Repair Audit: We will access your credit reports using the login information you enter and create a full-comprehensive analysis of your credit profile. The analysis will include an overview of your positive accounts as well as any inaccurate information, faulty items or accounts that are negatively affecting your credit score.

We will send you a copy of your Credit Report Audit. You must respond: “I received my Credit Analysis. Thank you. Please charge my card/debit my account and proceed with the process.”

Pay Enrollment & Audit Fee: After we receive your response email, we will bill you, using the account you authorized.

the first round


Access To Clients Portal: We will give you access to your client portal This will be the primary place where you will see any updates to your file, including when we send out letters to the bureaus. You will also be able to send and receive email communication to The E3 Financial Solutions Team from your portal.


Create Dispute Strategy: Every customer’s situation is different. We build a customized credit report disputing strategy to help you reach your goals within the shortest amount of time.


Start Disputing: Our team will create and send the most appropriate correspondence to dispute all inaccurate items in question from the beginning to give you the best results in the shortest time period. When we mail your information to the bureaus, we will send the proof of your identity and the proof of your address you uploaded. 


Keep Us Updated: Between your start date and every 30-day time period, you will:

  1. REFRAIN FROM UPDATING YOUR CREDIT REPORT (Please do not refresh your credit report through your monthly credit monitoring service. Doing so will affect our ability to accurately dispute. We will tell you when it’s okay to refresh your report.)

  2. Sign into your client portal and see how many of the items are being disputed, and how many letters have been sent.

  3. Keep an eye out for responses/mail from the credit bureaus.

  4. Upload response letters and verification from the credit bureaus into your client portal. This is CRITICAL to keep the repair process moving.

  5. Stay current on all your payments (loans, credit cards, etc.) that are reporting to the bureaus, and the ones that are not reporting to the bureaus. The focus is on creating positive credit score building habits.

  6. Do not close/discard accounts that will result in delinquencies or new collections.

Contact our team to discuss your progress and celebrate victories!



Credit Education: We will periodically send you emails with credit education information, credit building strategies, and other education that can enhance your financial life.


Rejoice in Results: We can’t guarantee your results, but you should start seeing the best results within 90 days of signing up for our service. 


Monthly Follow- Ups: We set a reminder to check your dispute results every 35 days to remind our processing team when your next update is due. At that time, we will re-access your monthly credit reporting service and refresh your credit reports to see any changes that have been made.

We encourage you to schedule your quick credit report update to coincide with your follow-up date, if you want to speak with our team regarding your new credit report updates. During this one-on-one call, you have the opportunity to speak with our team to ask any particular questions you may have about the status of your accounts.

These calls only take place after we’ve updated your credit reports.

We will send you send you an email with a direct link to schedule a call on Acuity Scheduler.


Keep Disputing: If inaccurately reporting information or negative accounts remain, we continue to escalate our disputing strategy to make sure the bureaus are adhering to your consumer rights. We will update accounts with the most accurate information. Then we will create and send additional disputes based on the responses received from the bureaus.


Our Promise: Our top priority is to assist you with increasing your credit score and rebuilding your credit. Our team is here to help you with any questions, or issues that may arise.

The same way we want to know when you get a deletion, an update from a credit bureau, or communication from a creditor, we want to know ways we can improve our service and processes to best serve you. Please send us emails with both positive and growth-focused feedback.

how it works?

Perks you will 


  • Free Credit Consultation

  • Free Credit Building Solutions

  • Free In Depth Credit Analysis

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Unlimited Disputes

  • Results normally within 30-45 Days

  • 24/7 Customer Support Service

  • Monthly Updates

Frequently asked questions?

What’s your Refund Policy:


E3 Financial Solutions strives to provide excellent service, satisfied customers, and significant results. E3 Financial Solutions will only accept new customers that can benefit from our services. The service provided by E3 Financial Solutions is backed by a refund policy that entitles Customers to a full refund. 

If E3 Financial Solutions is not successful in deleting/correcting a combined total of 3 inaccurate items from Customer’s credit report in 120 days, a full refund will be made. The 120 days will begin upon receipt of initial credit reports.


What is your Cancellation Policy: Services are provided on a month-to- month basis and clients may cancel their service at any time at least (3) three days in advance of any upcoming recurring payment. When cancelled according to these terms, the upcoming recurring payment will constitute the final payment due for services rendered. All services are billed in arrears.

Is credit repair legal: 


Yes, credit repair is legal, and our credit education and document processing services will help you to use the law in your favor. That law is called “The Fair Credit Reporting Act.” The FCRA gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If that item cannot be verified within a reasonable time (usually 30 days) it must be removed.

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