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About Laforenzo Wilkins 

Laforenzo Wilkins is an Army Veteran that served 6 years in the US Army and now the CEO of E3 Financial Solutions. With a passion for teaching others about the importance of good credit and using life insurance to create wealth, Laforenzo is dedicated to serving his community and helping individuals achieve financial security. Having experienced a lack of education in these areas growing up, he is determined to fill this knowledge gap by offering a range of services that cater to retirement planning, debt management, and maximizing profits.


As a detail-oriented and analytical individual, Laforenzo takes a strategic approach to his work. He provides services such as life insurance with living benefits, 401k rollovers, annuities, credit repair, and risk-free investments. His expertise extends to retirement tax strategies, cash flow insurance, and building a strong financial foundation.


With tailored strategies and expertise, he guides clients towards financial security. Passionate about educating on the transformative power of life insurance, Laforenzo helps clients unlock opportunities for growth, protection, and asset accumulation. Trustworthy and driven, he is dedicated to building a strong financial foundation and maximizing benefits.


In summary, Laforenzo Wilkins, the CEO of E3 Financial Solutions, is dedicated to educating his community about financial well-being. Through his wide array of services and commitment to building a strong financial future, he aims to help individuals achieve their goals. With a range of hobbies and interests, Laforenzo nurtures his personal growth while pursuing his professional mission.

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